Part I: The Age of the Electron


Currently, electricity only makes up 38% of all energy consumption. I would argue by the time I die (I’m 29, so hopefully I’ve got at least another 40 years in me), it will be at least double that. Despite being the Age of Oil since World War II, oil has never been a meaningful contribution to electricity generation. As electricity comes to dominate as a source of work, oil’s power will fade.

Despite how ubiquitous the electricity grid has become, it still constitutes a minority of total energy consumption. This will rapidly change.


While end-uses convert to electricity consumption, upstream generation will be converting to cleaner fuel sources. This isn’t the first time macro-shifts like this have occurred, either.

Natural gas, solar, and wind will continue to surge at the expense of coal and oil.



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James McGinniss

James McGinniss

Thought Follower. Co-Founder at David Energy. I’m on Substack now!